Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Lantern

Many superheroes are making their way to the screen this year. This is one that hoped to begin a new franchise for Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds. Alas, it is probably not to be. It’s not that it was so awful … I actually enjoyed much of it. It’s just, well, a bit tired. There is a lot of exposition in the beginning for those of us who have never read a Green Lantern comic book. While the premise was a bit dodgy, I did like the reluctant and funny human-turned-superhero as played by Reynolds. There were some funny moments, as when the slimey Sen. Hammond (Tim Robbins) got his comeuppance. Sinestro (Mark Strong) was sinister, but the really creepy role when to Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond.
I have no idea how many liberties they took with the original stories, but for this uninitiated viewer, the story was okay; not great, but okay. What I really l liked in this 3-D film (after I had vowed never to don the glasses again) was the 3-D. I thought they made very good use of it (I dodged more than a few flying objects). And I didn’t get a headache (the glasses have improved). I know the vast majority of critics have disliked this, but I thought the effects and the humor made it two hours of fun. But then, what do I know? This wasn’t made for my generation.
I’ll give it 2 reels out of 4.

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