Friday, July 29, 2011

Love love 'Crazy Stupid Love'

Crazy Stupid Love could have been another raunchy, sophomoric rom coms. But thank God it isn’t. What it IS is a sensitive, sweet, slightly naughty story of people navigating relationships in today’s world, which often produces hilarious consequences.
Ryan Gosling gives Steve Carell a make-over.

I didn’t really see this coming. Oh, the cast was promising: Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Bacon, a luminous Emma Stone, delightful youngster Jonah Bobo and a couple of funny cameo turns. Who knew Gosling was so funny? And so ripped?!
I’ve really liked Carell since The 40-year-old Virgin, which was also sweet, but much raunchier.
Here’s the clue that this movie scores with all ages. My “mature” husband has declared many times he doesn’t like Steve Carell, mostly because he made “Virgin” (which my husband didn’t see). I finally convinced him to see this movie, and when we emerged he announced that he loved it and that he’d go see Carell again, even in “Virgin.” 
An online reviewer summed it up best: "It's romantic, touching, a little risqué and screwball, yet reassuringly down-to-earth.”  
He was so right. Carell goes from a schmuck to a leading man, all with a new haircut, wardrobe and dose of confidence. Gosling goes from a shameless roué to a lovesick puppy. Emma, who is adorable, also gains confidence. And the scene-stealer Bobo, embodies every 13-year-old kid entering puberty. All of the characters ring true and act (mostly) like real people would. The twists and turns – and surprises – may stretch it a bit, but they are within the realm of possibility. 
While not giving anything away, the plot concerns Cal, a married man (Carell) who is gobsmacked by his wife (Moore) when she announces she wants a divorce. In his misery, Cal visits a bar that is the perfect upscale pick-up lounge, where he meets ladykiller Jacob (Gosling), who makes Cal his project. Meanwhile, Cal’s teenaged son is lovestruck, as is babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton). And as we all know, love doesn’t always run smoothly.
Yes, there’s a little crazy and a little stupid in this film, but there’s a lot of love too.
The boys of Crazy Stupid Love
This should appeal to many generations of moviegoers. It’s at least a couple of steps above most romantic comedies, actually displaying both romance and comedy. 

This movie deserves 3 1/2 reels.

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